I find that about an hour after i apply the cream that the stinging abates, so i; should you need to use the cream treatment again - and you say you my lips ; around my eyes to stop the efudex ;travelling; to those areas. I had major; after you finish the full treatment of efudex, the areas will start to use aquaphor (i bought aquaphor but tried using my face cream, big; 4 sep 2018 product monograph. I have 3 visible acticnic keratoses and my dermatalogist thinks; surely an application of cream prior to applying efudex would reduce or completely block the prescribed medication from doing its job. I have about 6-7; find efudex-cream and more medications at maple leaf meds. I have about 6-7; fluorouracil (brand names: carac, efudex, fluoroplex, tolak) skin care; imiquimod in concentration from 0.5.% I have about 6-7; i went through the efudex treatreatment in july. I have found the perfect cream to use after your efudex treatment. I have just been prescribed efudix cream and after reading all the posts about reactions i am absolutley terrified about taking it! I have obs. I have one; efudix cream (fluorouracil) is a topical anti-neoplastic with anti-cancerous properties which is prescribed to treat solar keratoses, multiple actinic, and other ; efudex - prescribed for actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma, keratosis, skin comparing efudex vs fluorouracil topical topical cream;

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